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Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Nominate a special volunteer for one of four Volunteer Recognition Awards sponsored by the NY-NoJ Chapter, including the crown jewel: Appie of the Year!

Consider how much you appreciate the preparation, professionalism and good cheer your favorite volunteer leaders offer when they lead or host a hike, backpack, climbing, sailing, paddling or social event. Think about who introduced you to the AMC and whose enthusiasm convinced you to join as a member. Thank the folks who quietly maintain our local trails, schedule fun events, and do all those little things that makes our chapter work.

Take just a few minutes to thank them by sending nominations for …

– Appie of the Year Award
– Inspirational Volunteer Award
– Ambassador Award
– Unsung Hero Award

Send your name (optional), nominee names, suggested award(s) and DETAILED explanations with specific examples for your nominations. Tell us their stories and how they exemplify the best of our membership. Nominators and Nominees must be AMC members.

Submit nominations to:

Deadline is October 31, 2021.

Awardees will be announced at the Annual Dinner Meeting in November


Inspirational Volunteer Award: For a member who embodies the spirit of our chapter and inspires others by leading, mentoring, or encouraging leadership or activity for AMC this year.

Ambassador Award: For a member who encourages others to participate with AMC or promotes AMC and our Chapter by recruiting, speaking for or representing AMC at events (including in office, outside venue or related to an activity), etc this year.

Unsung Hero Award: For a member who supports the chapter in less visible or celebrated ways behind the scenes , such as public service (conservation, trails), communications, editing, committee service, record keeping, etc this year.

More details about each Award and past Awardees at

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