Appalachian Mountain Club

Backpacking Trip Registration Process

The Backpacking program has grown significantly in the past few years. Pre-registration is required for all backpack trips. Please visit the Activities Schedule and find the backpacking trip you are interested in. For most trips, there will be a detailed description and instructions on how to register. Usually, you can register directly online. Please note that submitting a pre-registration form does not yet mean that you are confirmed to participate in the backpack trip.

After you pre-register, the trip leader or registrar will contact you to follow up with any additional questions and give you final approval for the backpack trip. After you have been confirmed by the leader or registrar, there is a $5 member/$20 non-member non-refundable registration fee, which helps to defray costs for our volunteer backpack leader’s Wilderness First Aid certification and other leader training. The leader or registrar will ask you to write a check made out to the Treasurer of the Backpack Committee and provide the address of where to send the registration fee or provide an email address to send the payment via PayPal.

Do be aware that there are risks associated with backpacking. Although our trips have experienced leaders, please recognize that you are responsible for your own safety and that of the group. We offer a wide variety of backpack trips. Read the descriptions carefully to see what suits your abilities and contact the leader with any questions.

Participants must be at least experienced day-hikers, in good or excellent physical condition and have all the required backpacking equipment (consult the gear list posted on this website). Be honest about your ability and experience. Some of the more challenging backpack trips are geared towards backpackers with more experience and higher fitness level for a good reason.

One or two weeks prior to the backpack trip, the leader or registrar will send out the trip information sheet, which usually includes items such as list of participants, meeting time and place, driving directions, map suggestions, daily hiking distances and other relevant details.

Do not wait until the last minute to prepare your backpacking gear. Practice packing your backpack at least one week in advance, if not more. Check that your stove and water filter works, put fresh batteries in your headlamp, plan your menu and buy whatever food you can in advance, etc.

Most trips are to areas without public transportation, so participants with vehicles form car pools and participants without vehicles may have to share the cost of a rental car.

We look forward to hiking with you!