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Ben leaves the trail

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Ben’s taken the advice of the Appalachian Trail Conference and came home. Here’s his report.

Days 3-8; Miles 20.5 – 52.5 -> Home.
Drove from Georgia after getting a ride to ATL from Hiawassee thanks to @appalachianfurthershuttle.
The escalating shutdowns, curfews, closures, restrictions, etc. made it impossible to continue.
I also listened to Sam Harris’ podcast episodes on the pandemic, and watched @ramdino ‘s pleas on YouTube. That made my mind up for me.
I was going to write a whole thing, but then @backpackerradio went and published an episode this afternoon that covers all the reasons.
My hope is that I can get back on the trail in a month or two. I’ll skip ahead to where I think I would be, finish at Katahdin and flip back down to clean up what I miss. Probably a fool’s hope, but it’s what I got right now, and I’m holding on to it.
Shout out to 5 O’Clock @quonniemike, Bearfoot @john_came_and_wendt, Erin Needs A Trail Name @1ejohnson1, Overboard @patmurph01, and Pacer. Hope to see you out there sooner than later.

A Shelter along the AT
Ben’s Hammock Setup
Ben and AT Thru-Hiker Friends

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