Appalachian Mountain Club


The Bicycle Committee sponsors rides on all type of bikes – road, hybrid, mountain. And all types of terrain – roads, rail trails, single track, mountain trails. Helmets are required for all rides; gloves are recommended. Our priorities are safety first, fun second, and achieving our goals third. Before a ride, check your equipment: tires should be properly inflated, brakes tested, shifting crisp, seat height comfortable and efficient, and broken spokes should be replaced. Besides being prepared with ample food and fluids, provide for contingencies: clothes for a change in weather (especially a windbreaker) and spare tube and patch kit.

Bicycling and In-Line Skating Rating System

Biking Codes: Our rides are rated on the basis of pace, terrain, and mileage. Pace: Average mph while riding. Terrain: Road / Hybrid – ranging from “A” for flat and paved to “F” for mountainous. Mountain – “A” beginner, “C” intermediate, “E” expert. Mileage: Total distance of the ride. Check the ride description for the type of bikes suitable for the ride (road, hybrid, mountain) and for the duration of a ride. 10C50 would cover 50 miles at an average riding speed of 10 mph in five hours, but with 2 hours of stops would be a 7 hour ride. Transportation: Bikes are permitted on most buses and trains. Check with the carrier beforehand. MetroNorth requires a nonexpiring bike pass available at GCT for $5. Become a ride leader; new routes are always welcome. Both day trips and overnights are appreciated. Contact

Safety for bicyclist

Snell or ANSI approved helmets required for all trips (cycling & in-line skating) and eye protection for some trips. Protective gear for knees, elbows and wrists are recommended for in-line skaters. Experience level must be comparable to trip level. Riders are also required to carry spare tube to fit their bike, tire irons, patch kit, pump, tools, filled water bottle and rain gear. Confirm ride start with leader. Become a ride leader. Share your favorite routes and contribute to Club cycling. Bicycling Photo Galleries Bicycling Galleries