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Canoe & Kayak Registration Process

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

Registering for a Canoe/Kayak Trip

Paddling trips are listed in the on-line trip activities database.  To register simply click on the “REGISTER NOW” button and answer the questions on the form. Registration usually closes about a week before the trip although instructional classes often require registration farther in advance. Many classes and some trips limit the number of participants and often fill quickly so it is important that you register early.

See the Trip and Paddler Ratings section for more details on trip ratings. Also, trip leaders have final responsibility for deciding if the trip is appropriate for the registrant.

Minor Children on Trips

Children (under 18) are usually welcome on our paddling trips, but a parent or legal guardian must sign the AMC’s Volunteer Release.   Another adult (aunt, sibling, family friend, etc.) may NOT sign the waiver on behalf of the parent. In general, we expect the parent or legal guardian to accompany the child on the trip. At the trip leader’s discretion, the parent/guardian may designate another responsible adult to accompany the child. In this case, the parent or guardian must sign the waiver and give it to the adult who will accompany the child, to be given to the trip leader. If the minor child is old enough to write, the child must also sign the waiver.

Note: In order to comply with Pennsylvania Youth Protection Laws, all children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian for all trips taking place in Pennsylvania.

As with all participants, children must wear a properly-fitted life vest on the water. The CKC has a few life vests for larger children; check with the trip leader to see if they are available.   For small children, you may need to supply your own. Children under 12 who are passengers rather than serious paddlers are not charged boat rental fee.

Dope Sheet

Approximately a week before the trip, the leader will email a “Dope Sheet” to each participant. If you do not have email, please arrange an alternative way to receive the information with the trip leader. The Dope Sheet contains very important information, including: location of the meeting place, boat rental information, waterway information, and other information needed to attend the trip.

Meeting Place and Time

Please be on time to the meeting place specified in the dope sheet. Leaders are not required to wait for latecomers. If you arrive at the meeting place just as the group is ready to get on the water, the leader has discretion as to whether you can paddle with the group. Should you experience car problems or other unavoidable delays on the way to the meeting place, please contact the leader.

At the meeting place, seek out the leader and introduce yourself. The trip leader will generally collect any fees at this time.


On many paddling trips, after everyone has arrived at the meeting place (usually the launch site or “put-in”) and un-loaded their gear, vehicles must be driven (shuttled) from the put-in to the landing site or “take-out”. Only drivers go on the shuttle. Once on the road, keep up with the car in front of you and always keep the car behind you in sight. If the car behind you stops, you must also stop and flash your headlights or do something to catch the attention of the car in front of you. Eventually, all will stop – until all vehicles in the shuttle are togehter again. At the take-out, park and lock your car, remember to take the key, and then squeeze into one of the vehicles designated to return to the put-in. When the shuttle returns, the group should be ready to get on the water. After the run, please volunteer to take the shuttle drivers to the put in to get their vehicles.

Trip Fees


Paddling Fees

$2 for the first day of paddling; $1 for each additional day. Everyone is assessed this fee which is used to cover CKC expenses, such as cook kits, first aid kits, etc.

Boat Rental Fees

$20 for the first day of paddling; $10 for each additional day. The fee is per boat.

Rental fees are charged for the use of CKC canoes and kayaks (the Fleet). This money is used to repair and replace the boats, paddles, life jackets, and other boating equipment and pay the rent for The Barn where we store our boats

Other Fees

You may also be assessed a miscellaneous fee to reimburse the trip leaders for their expenses incurred associated with leading the trip (e.g.  firewood, ice, propane, etc.).  The total costs for food and camping are shared by all those who camp and dine with the group. If you follow a special diet and choose not to eat with the group, please inform the leader prior to the trip.

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