Appalachian Mountain Club

Canoe & Kayak


The Canoe Kayak Committee (CKC) offers a wide variety of paddling trips most weekends throughout the year. We paddle on quiet water, whitewater and sea kayak trips ranging from one day to one week. Many of our trips are in the NY-North Jersey area, but we travel from Canada to Georgia looking for fun paddling opportunities. Benefits we offer include:

  • 100 trips a year
  • over 50 boats available to rent to trip participants at a nominal fee
  • canoe and kayak instruction courses
  • safety and rescue classes (safe paddling = fun paddling)
  • pool sessions
  • great fun!

The AMC has been a leader in paddle sports for almost 100 years. We invite you to join us on a trip to experience the beauty and diverse waterways of our region. SYOTW!

Getting Started in Canoeing & Kayaking

The CKC welcomes paddlers of all abilities, from beginners to experienced boaters. The links below will take you to pages that explain how the CKC runs its canoe and kayak program and contains important and helpful information. If you have additional questions, contact our Kayak Mentors or Canoe Mentors listed below, or the appropriate trip leader.


Registration Process

Paddling Instruction

Rating System

Safety Policy

Equipment & Gear

Storage Barn

Our Fleet

Paddle Splashes Newsletter

Who We Are

Chair – Jake Lewis

Treasurer & Records Keeper – Marty Plante

Trip Coordinator/Scheduler – Klara Marton

Paddle Splashes Editor – Loretta Brady

Equipment Coordinator  – Charles Michener

Quartermaster  – Andrew Ludke

Ratings Coordinator – Marty Plante

Questions about sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking –

Questions about quiet water and whitewater canoeing –

Cancellations (for leaders only) –