Appalachian Mountain Club


The government of the Chapter is vested in the Chapter Executive Committee consisting of four officers and three at-large members elected directly by the membership. Nominations and elections are handled by the Chapter Nominating Committee. The newly elected Executive Committee assumes office at the Chapter Annual Meeting ordinarily held in January.

In general, the Executive Committee is responsible for all policy, legal and financial matters involving the Chapter. No committee or individual may act on behalf of or represent the Chapter without the approval of the Executive Committee. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee also include the control of the Chapter budget, the supervision of the publications, and appointment of all committee Chairs.

All members are welcome and urged to attend Executive Committee meetings, which are usually held in the evening on the second Tue. of the month (except for Jul. and Aug.), at the AMC office, but, from time to time may be held at a different location. Check with the Chapter Chair for the location.