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Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert AMC offers hikes matched to your ability. To help you choose, hikes are rated by pace, level of difficulty and mileage.  The hike code is listed in the hike title; an explanation of the codes is found here. All hikes are led by experienced volunteers.

Most hikes are nearby New York City and in areas such as Harriman State Park and the State Parks and forests of Northern New Jersey.  Many of are hikes are accessible by public transportation.  Hike descriptions contain transportation codes for bus and train lines with departure and arrival times.  Drivers meet those taking a bus or train a few minutes before arrival time at the bus stop or train station.  Hikes are also rated by pace, level of difficulty, and mileage.

Many of our hikes are also listed “short notice” activities.  In order to receive emails about short notice hikes please send us an email with your full name and AMC number to

If you are new to hiking, please check out our FAQs prior to showing up at the meeting spot.  Most of our hikes are all day and require you to be prepared with hiking boots, a pack with 2 liters of water, lunch, snacks, warm layers, suntan lotion, and bug spray in season.  Leaders can be contacted directly if you have questions.  You may also contact the Hiking Committee Chair listed at the right about getting started.


Hiking Codes

Leader Resources


Guidelines for Hikers

All of our leaders are volunteers who want to ensure the whole group enjoys their time outdoors.  While on a hike, please abide by the decision of the leader.   The leader’s decisions are final concerning the route and conduct on hike.

Hikes generally run get out of the woods between 3 and 4 pm, but hikers must be prepared to stay out longer in the event of some unplanned event.  Please see our FAQ’s for minimum gear in each season.

Pets are not allowed on hikes unless the leader has specifically listed the hike as “pet friendly.” And, of course, pets only allowed in parks as permitted.  Dogs must be under full control of the owner and leashed as required.  Any dog owner who receives a ticket for violating Park rules, will not be permitted to bring the dog on an AMC hike. No dog is permitted to be added to a hike in the parking lot or on the trail.

We encourage low impact hiking practices, so please avoid trampling the fauna by staying on trail and on rocks where possible and during a group “separation” please make sure you are at least 50′ away from a water source and at least 10′ off trail. Take out whatever you pack in.  And, help our trail maintainers by picking up and carrying a few pieces of trash you encounter along your hike. Please.