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Community Science

Community Science volunteer taking picture

Community Science is projects in which volunteers partner with scientists directly, or contribute to projects developed and used by scientists, to answer real-world questions. Many projects use phone apps to record data real-time, in the field. Some projects use apps developed specifically for that project, others use an app that can be used to support many different projets.
The AMC and many other organizations organize community science projects, sometimes jointly.
We use the term “community science” rather than “citizen science” to reflect our value of inclusivity.

Community Science Projcts

Picture of a flower

Flowers and Fauna in Harriman State Park
If you are spending a weekend at Corman Harriman Outdoor Center, or just spending a day hiking in Harriman State Park, here is an opportunity to help scientists by taking and submitting photographs. Join the AMC in monitoring the plants and animals of Harriman State Park. All plants and animal observations are welcome and if you add them to iNaturalist they will be available for scientific study.

Green frog with orange eyes and toes

Global Amphibian Blitz (GAB) Amphibians are amazing! The diversity of their shapes, sizes, colors, and behaviors are absolutely extraordinary! The Global Amphibian Blitz (GAB) not only showcases that diversity, but more importantly it helps researchers, conservationists, and concerned global citizens share information and move forward actions that conserve these incredible amphibians around the world.