Appalachian Mountain Club

Conservation Photo Challenge

What does conservation mean to you

Join the Chapter’s non-competitive Conservation Photo Challenge to show your conservation appreciation!
Take either at least one photo for each of the five categories below, or at least five photos for a category of your choice, showing what conservation means to you. There is no limit on the number of photos, so submit more if you would like to.


  • Wildlife / plants
  • Nature conservation (e.g., park infrastructure, signage, trails)
  • Waste reduction (e.g., recyclable products, multiuse alternatives to disposable products, recycled materials, composting)
  • Energy conservation, water conservation/renewable energy
  • Quality of life / recreational/health benefits of conservation (e.g., viewsheds, improved exercise possibilities)

Photos must have been taken in New York State or New Jersey over the period from March 2020 to the submission deadline of May 17, 2021. AMC membership is not required to participate.
Entries should be emailed to as either email attachments, links to the photos posted on personal social media pages, or links to personal online photo archives.
Photo captions are optional.
Participants retain all rights to submitted photos but are encouraged to share links to the photos on social media with the tags identifying the AMC.
First, second, and third prizes will be awarded by random draw of the entrants at the Conservation Committee meeting in late May. Conservation Committee members may enter but are not eligible for the prize draw.

If you have any questions please send an email to