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Day 2 on the AT for Ben Black

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Day 2 on the AT for Ben Black

Here’s Ben’s report:

Days 0 – 1; Miles -8.2 – 8.1. Low miles to start. I couldn’t have asked for better weather yesterday and this morning; compensation for the avalanche of shit happening in the background world. I made it to camp early this afternoon, just before it started raining. Forecast is supposed to be better tomorrow. Meantime, my hammock is super comfy & warm.
Met a group of people at Springer yesterday, including a dude with a dog (Huck) who is hiking for charity. We all ended up at the same shelter tonight. I think the rain is to blame.

Ben at the Start

One response to “Day 2 on the AT for Ben Black”

  1. ed sobin says:

    Low milage to start is the way to go. You’ll ramp up soon enough. Best of luck!

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