Appalachian Mountain Club

Mountain Leadership School

What is Mountain Leadership School?

Mountain Leadership School is the AMC’s most comprehensive outdoor leadership development program. MLS participants elevate their skills to the next level by learning to plan and manage backcountry travel and risks confidently. The MLS program is applicable to solo hikers, backpackers, and those leading in the backcountry with friends, family, campers, students, colleagues, and other outdoor groups. 

Our classroom will be set in the stunning White Mountains of New Hampshire. MLS uses a learn-by-doing method to enable you to actively practice using new skills as you acquire them.

Over the course of five days participants will learn from one another as highly qualified AMC volunteer instructors guide and mentor participants through a hands-on curriculum informed by decades of collective experience. We minimize the indoor teaching to maximize our outdoor learning experience.

MLS offers multiple levels of instruction so whether you are relatively new or highly experienced in the outdoors, MLS has an offering that is right for you.

MLS curriculum includes:

  • Trip Planning
  • Backcountry navigation
  • Accident prevention and
  • Emergency scene management
  • Leading and managing groups in the backcountry
  • Low-impact travel (Leave No Trace)

MLS is now in its 65th year and available to you as part of your life long outdoor journey!
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