Appalachian Mountain Club

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the Chapter’s administrative affairs, as well as coordinating those areas of Chapter operations which are not managed by a separate activity or program committee. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee also include developing the Chapter’s annual budget and appointing the activity and program committee chairs. The Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring the AMC’s Vision and Mission in implemented at the local level: developing and managing opportunities for people to Be Outdoors. The Executive Committee (ExComm) is composed of four permanent members: the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, and three other members of the Chapter with committee liaison responsibilities. The ExComm has established those positions as the Executive for Communications, Executive for Activities, and Executive for Facilities and Services. The AMC Mid-Atlantic Regional Director is a non-voting advisory member of the Chapter Executive Committee. Nominations and elections of Chapter members to the Executive Committee are handled by the Chapter Nominating Committee. The newly elected Executive Committee assumes office at the Chapter Annual Meeting ordinarily held in mid-November. All members are welcome and urged to attend Executive Committee meetings, which are usually held in the evening on the second Tue. of the month (except for Jul. and Aug.), at the AMC office, but, from time to time may be held at a different location. Check with the Chapter Chair for the location. Since the March, 2020, the Executive Committee meetings have been held using the Zoom system. This move has dramatically increased the number of members linking in to hear what the ExComm is working on.