Appalachian Mountain Club

Hiking Codes

Used by Hiking, Walks & Outings, Singles & Sociables, Conservation, & Young Members Committees.

Hike rating codes consist of three parts: PACE, TERRAIN, MILEAGE – followed by a committee designation, see below.

1                  Leisurely (nature walk, window shopping pace)
2                  Moderate (steady, comfortable pace)
3                  Vigorous (brisk, firm pace)
4                  Fast
5                  Very Fast

A                 Solid pavement/sidewalk
B                 Soft ground/sand/carriage trails
C                 Hiking trails & gentle rolling hills
D                Steep hills, scrambles possible
E                 Rough terrain/exposure and/or thick brush possible
F                 Extremely difficult terrain/possible sustained exposure

Mileage: estimated mileage of the hike.

Committee Designations:
“(C)” following the code indicates a Conservation event.
“(H)” following the code indicates a Hiking Committee event.
“(S)” following the code indicates a Singles & Sociables event.
“(W)” following the code indicates a Walks & Outings event.
“(Y)” following the code indicates a Young Members event.
“(DV)” following the code indicates a DelValy Chapter event.

The leader may modify or cancel a hike due to weather, trail conditions, or any other reason deemed prudent for the safety of the group.

Rating codes are intended as a general guide only. We strive for accuracy & consistency, but cannot guarantee them. If you have concerns relating to your safety or enjoyment, please discuss them with the leader in advance.

For more information about each activity, see the appropriate section of this book.