Appalachian Mountain Club

Hiking Codes

Used by Hiking, Walks & Outings, Singles & Sociables, Conservation, & Young Members Committees.

Hike rating codes consist of three parts: PACE, TERRAIN, MILEAGE – followed by a committee designation, see below.

1                  Leisurely (nature walk, window shopping pace)
2                  Moderate (steady, comfortable pace)
3                  Vigorous (brisk, firm pace)
4                  Fast
5                  Very Fast

A                 Solid pavement/sidewalk
B                 Soft ground/sand/carriage trails
C                 Hiking trails & gentle rolling hills
D                Steep hills, scrambles possible
E                 Rough terrain/exposure and/or thick brush possible
F                 Extremely difficult terrain/possible sustained exposure

Mileage: estimated mileage of the hike.

Committee Designations:
“(C)” following the code indicates a Conservation event.
“(H)” following the code indicates a Hiking Committee event.
“(S)” following the code indicates a Singles & Sociables event.
“(W)” following the code indicates a Walks & Outings event.
“(Y) or “(YM)” following the code indicates a Young Members event.
“(DV)” following the code indicates a DelValy Chapter event.

The leader may modify or cancel a hike due to weather, trail conditions, or any other reason deemed prudent for the safety of the group.

Rating codes are intended as a general guide only. We strive for accuracy & consistency, but cannot guarantee them. If you have concerns relating to your safety or enjoyment, please discuss them with the leader in advance.