Appalachian Mountain Club

Singles and Socialbles

The “Singles & Sociables” committee of the NY-NoJ Chapter offers AMC members and guests brings together the best of the great outdoors and the indoors, in fun and social environment. Whether you are single, or in a relationship, all are welcome to our events and activities. The S&S runs many different kinds of activities. We hike, do trail work, bike, backpack, canoe/kayak, and more, and we have dinners, dances, and seasonal parties. S&S outings differ from some other chapter outings because at S&S events place a greater emphasis on the social aspects of the outing rather than the technical aspects of the outdoor activity itself. S&S outings are ideally suited for new members as an introduction to the people and activities of the chapter and club. Originally formed as a Singles sub committee of the Walks & Outings Committee in early 1995, the S&S committee became a separate and independent committee in 1996.There are three sub committees or categories under S&S: 1) “Singles,” meaning events attracting mostly those who are solo and want to meet new people, connecting in a group and not feeling like a fifth wheel. You will definitely make new friends and, who knows, you might meet a future significant other on one of our many adventures; 2) “Sociables,” meaning events that are typically for both singles and those with partners, who simply want to socialize in a group environment; and 3) “50+,” meaning a group that enjoys day hikes during the less crowded week. Most of the members who have weekdays (usually Mondays) off to join the 50+ for hikes are, you guessed it, 50 and older, although the hikes attract and are open to those 30-50 as well.

Lead a Trip

We are continually seeking great AMC members who are interested in giving back to our volunteer-run chapter by leading a trip or activity whether “Singles” and/or “Sociables.” If you’d like to contribute back to what you received from other volunteers or just give back for a great cause in putting together and leading your own event or activity contact the Chair. *You must be a current member at the time of the trip to be able to lead. Contact the S&S Chair listed to the right. Requirements vary depending on whether it is an urban social event such as a walk in Central Park, dinner in the city, Broadway show, a hike or a multi-day event. The Chair will provide you further details about leadership in AMC and with our committee. You may also join our Yahoo group to view posts and receive announcements on spur of the moment singles and sociables events and activities on the trail, in the city, etc.