Appalachian Mountain Club


Click on photo to see full size.   The Chapter’s winter ski program includes Nordic cross country and alpine downhill.  Typical trips include:
  • Cross-country day trips to touring centers which have groomed trails, set tracks, a warming hut and a trail fee.  Equipment rental and lessons are usually available.  The trails offer skiing for the novice and experienced skier.  Beginners can take a morning lesson offered by the center and then join the AMC group in the afternoon.
  • Cross-country day trips to state parks and forests where skiing is off track on woods roads and trails. No trail fees, on site equipment rental or commercial lessons.  Check the trip description or with leader for required skill level.
  • Alpine downhill day trips for skiers and riders.  The group usually divides according to skill level and gathers at lunch or après ski.  Destinations are often ski areas which have bus service from Long Island, New York City and North Jersey available.
  • Weekend trips to the Adirondacks, Catskills or Green Mountains.  Check with the leader regarding transportation, lodging, and meal arrangements.
Trip leaders usually do not provide lessons for first time skiers.  Lessons from professional ski schools are available at alpine downhill areas.  For novice cross country skiers the following areas within a 2.5 hour drive of NYC offer equipment rental and lessons.

Cross Country Touring Centers

Mohican Outdoor Center for XC-Skiing

AMC’s Mohican Outdoor Center in the Kittatinny Mountains can be used as a base to cross-country ski. Find out more about transportation to and reservations at Mohican. There are several good tours within a few miles, especially Blue Mountain Lakes.  Remember, ski with a partner, and please don’t go out in the woods alone in Winter.

More Information

The AMC New York – North Jersey Chapter is a member of the Metropolitan New York Ski Council.  Through the Council, AMC members receive discounts at ski shops and ski areas.  Members may also take advantage of races and trips organized by the Council. For details, visit the Council online.  Most discounts require an ski club card.  To receive your card, members may send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your name, AMC membership number, and membership expiration date to the Ski Committee Chair. For more information about the skiing program contact the Ski Committee Chair listed to the right.