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Visit the Fire Island Cabin in 2021

Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Photo looking out form the patio at the Fire Island Cabin

By Janet Basilone, Secretary of the Fire Island Cabin Committee

Come visit one of the most beautiful locations on the East Coast this season. The Appalachian Mountain Club’s Fire Island Cabin is one of AMC’s 10 self-service Volunteer-led Camps and Cabins (VCCs). The cabin is located in the town of Atlantique, one of 17 residential communities that comprise this car-free, barrier island designated the Fire Island National Seashore. Perfectly situated on waterfront property on the Great South Bay, the cabin is a five-minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean.

After being required to close last season due to Covid-19, the cabin’s volunteer management committee has been brainstorming ideas for opening safely in 2021. We anticipate more flexibility in club-wide operations so long as state and local health guidelines continue to evolve in a positive direction.

Special Offer: Book an Early- or Late-season BYOP: Bring-your-own-pod & do your own thing

In the before (Covid) times, the cabin accommodated 20 guests and two volunteer managers in two 11-bunk dorms. Our tentative, pandemic-conscious plan is to offer block bookings to two pods with a maximum of five people each—one pod in each dorm. The midweek block would be four nights (Monday–Thursday) and the weekend block three nights (Friday–Sunday). We expect that managers will be accommodated in a glamping-style tent on an outdoor platform.

The pod would be booked and paid for by one individual responsible for forming a group of up to five who are Covid-comfortable with each other.  Children over age 6 are welcome during midweeks.  Shared indoor bathrooms and hot outdoor showers are right outside the dorms.

Each pod will bring their own food and prepare it. We will assign a kitchen slot to each group for each meal period, e.g., dinner 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. As always, guests are asked to clean the premises prior to departure. The cabin manager will supervise an extra cleaning session between guest bookings. No smoking, no pets.

There will not be scheduled activities as in normal seasons, but the usual assortment of canoes, kayaks, Sunfish for authorized sailors, beach umbrellas and chairs, and yoga mats and blocks will be available free of charge. There is a lovely gazebo that contains a library and board games. You can also walk or water taxi to points of interest such as the Sunken Forest and Fire Island Lighthouse.

Access to Atlantique is by ferry from Bay Shore, Long Island. You can take the Long Island Railroad to Bay Shore or drive to Bay Shore and park your car near the ferry terminal.

Our pod program is subject to change based on future Covid guidance from the AMC. We will be updating the Fire Island Cabin page on the AMC website later this month. If you would like more information about booking a five-person pod, please email

***Reservations for the Fire Island Cabin are not yet open. There will be an update in the April Chapter email blast and on the AMC website in April.

20 responses to “Visit the Fire Island Cabin in 2021”

  1. Ethel says:

    I am a 59 year old single, dyke from western MA. Not a drinker. I am interested in joining your pod. Do you still have room?
    thanks E

  2. Darcy Dyer says:

    To those who expressed interest in joining a pod. I have reserved June 18 – 21, and my pod is three, we will consider one fully vaccinated woman to join us, we plan to enjoy an alcohol free week-end, you should too.

  3. Marge S says:

    Can I join a pod group? I don’t have 5 people I know who want to go…


    I would like info on availability. Have never been to cabins, any other info available would be appreciated.
    John T

  5. Melinda says:

    I am vaccinated and interested in joining a pod if a 5 th person is needed.

  6. Karin Batten says:

    I have come to the cabin for many years and am interested to visit this year.

  7. Jen McCaffery says:

    Hi everyone,

    Great to hear you’re interested in visiting the Fire Island Cabin. Please send your inquiries directly to

  8. grace says:

    Can you drop in as a daily guest?

  9. Thad P Demos says:

    Hi. We have been to the Fire Island Cabin for Several years except of course last year.

    Please email us when things are finalized for this year for sign up. Can’t wait to go back!

    Thank you,

    Thad Demos and Denise Diliberti

  10. Brendan Cahill says:

    Hello, my family and I are interested.

  11. Jennifer Percival says:

    My husband and I are interested in visiting Fire Island.

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