Appalachian Mountain Club

Volunteer Recognition Awards

At our Annual Dinner, we will present awards to show appreciation of a member’s special contributions. Descriptions are below.
AMC Members are invited to submit nominations by Friday, November 8, 2019.

Process: Please submit all nominations online using an online form. Follow the instructions. You may nominate as many volunteers as you like. Please provide detailed explanations and specific examples since the Selection Committee may rely soley in the information you provide.

1. APPIE OF THE YEAR AWARD- For an individual who gives selflessly of him/herself for the good of the club; one who works tirelessly, often behind the scenes, organizing, leading in fact and by example; someone who has served in this manner for several years, thus over time continuing this commitment; an active volunteer, rather than someone who served well in the past, or for a limited time. The Appie exemplifies what is best about the volunteer ethic that makes our Club, and most particularly our Chapter, so special.

2. INSPIRATION AWARD – For a member who embodies the spirit of our chapter and inspires others by leading, mentoring, or encouraging leadership or activity for AMC this year.

3. ADVOCACY AWARD (AMBASSADOR AWARD) – For a member who encourages others to participate with AMC or promotes AMC and our Chapter by recruiting, speaking for or representing AMC at events (including in office, outside venue or related to an activity), etc this year.

4. UNSUNG HERO AWARD – For a member who supports the chapter in less visible or celebrated ways behind the scenes , such as public service (conservation, trails), communications, editing, committee service, record keeping, etc this year.

2018 Awardees
Appie of the Year – Diane Serlin, Fire Island
Inspirational Volunteer –
Ambassador Award –
Unsung Hero Award –

2017 Awardees
Appie of the Year – Nathan Baker, Executive Committee Vice Chair
Inspirational Volunteer – David Mong, Backpacking Committee
Ambassador Award – Russell Faller, Skiing / Backpacking / Canoe & Kayak Committees
Unsung Hero Award – Miho Izumi Estay, Softball Committee

2016 Awardees
Appie of the Year – Joe Nigro, Hiking Committee
Inspirational Volunteer – Ken Elion, Hiking Committee
Ambassador Award – Butch Futrell, Canoe & Kayak Committee
Unsung Hero Award – Susan Bernstein, Communications Committee

2015 Awardees
Appie of the Year – David Lamb, Hiking Committee
Inspirational Volunteer Award – Loretta Brady, Canoe & Kayak Committee
Ambassador Award – Lisa Williams, Young Members Committee
Unsung Hero Award – Tat Yuen, Communications Committee

Past Recipients for Appie of the Year Award are: Diane Serlin, Helen Fair, John Humbach, Jean Lumbard, Anita Barberis, Fran Braley, Ann Loeb ,Dick Wolff, Wayne Foote, Dr. Albert Rosen, Betty Van De Water, Doris Repke, Jane Levenson, Don Getzen, Henry Schreiber, Marty Cohen , Art and Nancy Tollefson, Ken West, Jonathan Silver, David Brucas, Carson Tang, Bob Susser, Lennie Grefig, Cynthia Tollo Falls, Frank Bamberger, Martin Plante, David Lamb, Joe Nigro, and Nathan Baker.